IVF success rates vary and are as low as 10% for a woman who has reached her 40th birthday. Seven out of ten women under 35 years are unsuccessful and the cost emotionally, psychologically and financially is high with Irish couples spending on average forty thousand euro. Infertility studies have shown that the problem is shared equally between the man and the women with one in five Irish couples experiencing difficulty conceiving and this figure is on the increase. More and more evidence is pointing to STRESS as the major reason for infertility and miscarriage. Past emotional upset, fear and trauma along with the stress of the IVF treatment itself is the most likely explanation. Everyone knows a story of a couple who gave up on the idea of having a family and went off on a holiday only to be surprised to find conception taking place when the stress and feelings of guilt and failure etc are released from the belief system of the women’s mind. Harvard researcher, Dr. Herbert Benson in his book “Timeless Healing” THE BIOLOGY OF BELIEF, claims that up to 90% of medical complaints are mind related. Dr. Benson says a healer in conjunction with a caring doctor can effect a cure in 60% to 90% of medical complaints.
I have worked passionately full time for sixteen years with mind-body related medical complaints and I have found much evidence to support Dr. Benson’s claim. With some support from Russian GP and Eye surgeon Dr. Michael Izotov, I have created an effective programme which combines psychology, healing and NLP. The psychotherapy NLP and healing energy combined directs the power of your mind to cleanse the subconscious and conscious mind and releases all stress from the body/organism.
The body can now returns to its natural chemical state and so correcting the dysfunction of the interaction between the brain and the reproduction system. When the biological functions of the body return to normal the stress no longer inhibits the production of progesterone which is essential for the building and maintaining of the lining of the womb.
The healer works with the energy system of the body and clears the Chakra blockages. Many healers around the country can recall
success with fertility clients and one such healer has 46 success cases to date. For more than 20 years I have been curious about and fascinated by the power of the mind and psychosomatic conditions and not least in the area of cancer, IBS,and infertility.The psychology and the healing energy factors are now being considered more seriously by discerning Doctors who struggle to find reasons for such low success rates as more than one in five Irish couples experience difficulties conceiving. This figure of one in five is on the increase.