About Donald Moore

Donald Moore is a new age gifted healer and mind/body therapist and can effect a cure in 60% to 90% of medical complaints (ref Harvard research) with his “Whole New World” programme of psychology and healing.
This claim is backed up by hundreds of testimonies and refers to 30 years of research by Doctor Herbert Benson founder of the mind/body medical institute, professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, and author of “TIMELESS HEALING”

The Power within YOU

RELAX AND FEEL THE POWER - Raise your healing vibration.
RELEASE ALL THE PAST TOXIC EMOTION - negative emotion which is killing you.
REPROGRAMME A NEW YOU - how you want your life to be.

“For those who believe
No words are necessary
For those who don't believe
No words are possible”
Dom Inacio de Loyola

Psychic Healer

Over the past 25 years while recovering from an illness, Donald received his power to heal. It was on the night Diana The Princess of Wales died (1997). He studied the power of the mind and combined psychology and healing to great effect. He has a strong healing energy and uses Mind programming, NLP, Healing energy and psychotherapy in his powerful programme. Donald is recommended by doctors and therapists and has helped pop stars, priests, politicians and people from all walks of life. He has a special interest in IBS and and infertility and also loves healing animals. As a psychic healer he can heal by telephone and receives calls from all over the world. One of his ambitions is to set up a national/European healing line that would reach out to so many sufferers.